1-5013JEZ Sistemas Ferroviarios originated from the company Talleres y Fundiciones JEZ S.A., which was founded in 1924 under the names Jemein Errazti and Zenitagoya, producing track equipment such as sets of point blades, union rails, crossovers and other similar equipment and also producing cast steel pieces for the industry in general.

By 1948 the project had developed to such an extent that the founders decided to buy land in Llodio, where they moved their facilities to and started production there in 1949, where they still remain.

In 1994 the company joined VAE Group, which led to the creation of JEZ Sistemas Ferroviarios S.L.

MFA was set up in 2008, a subsidiary company which established its production in France. MFA contributes to a qualitative advance due to its degree of automation of the production process for standardised crossovers.